The MinnSNOWta™ Safe Solar Panel Snow Sweeper



The MinnSNOWta™ Safe Solar Snow Sweeper is designed to remove snow from solar panels, minimizing snow load weight while safely standing on the ground.

For a roof with solar panel installations, the additional weight of snow can present problems. Snow collected during a storm adds significant weight load on solar panels. In particular, as little as two inches of heavy wet snow can dramatically create an extreme snow load situation. This loading stands to weaken the supporting structure of the building, and in extreme situations, can cause roof collapse.

The weight of the snow isn't the only problem. Ice dams can develop under the panels. As snow melts, then freezes with temperature shifts, ice buildup occurs under the panels. These thaw-freeze cycles can dislodge the panels, bend the racking, even loosen the mounts. The most common outcome is that water seeps through the fasteners from the mounting system, resulting in costly damage to the roof and rooms below.

Snow cover left on solar panels, even on blue sky sunny conditions, leaves your solar installation system nonfunctional for days, ultimately nullifying your investment dollar.

Now, from the company that invented the MinnSNOWta™ Roof Razor® comes the MinnSNOWta™ Safe Solar Snow Sweeper, a safe and efficient way to remove snow from solar panels while standing on the ground. Removing snow is necessary to protect and maintain the structural integrity of the roof and building. Other products just can’t compare and other less efficient removal methods such as sweeping; apply warm air; even spraying snow off with a garden hose, can be unsafe, dangerous, or perhaps puts you in violation of your homeowner association’s (HOA) rules.

Because each solar installation is unique to itself, there is no single perfect solution. That's why the MinnSNOWta™ Roof Razor® Company has developed this superior tool, with its unique snow removal approach, using our patented design incorporating the gravity assisted system. There’s no better choice when it comes to removing snow from your roof and protecting your investment.

Sweeping head (or edge) is made from high density polyethylene reinforced with high-grade aluminum, providing the necessary strength without damaging the solar panels.

Light weight, so as long as you can reach the solar panels on the roof, almost anyone can use the Safe Solar Panel Snow Sweeper.

The Safe Solar Panel Snow Sweeper is manufactured in America by American workers, and designed using American technology and innovation.